Wood Fences

Lumber is the still the most common fencing material and with good reason. Wood fences are economical, versatile, and durable - they check all the boxes. And because wood fencing can be stained or painted any color and cut and constructed into almost any design imaginable, it's easy to customize the fence to match your property's aesthetic. From classic dog-ear to modern horizontal it's hard to beat the benefits and beauty of a wood fence.

board on board w vertical accent SBP
Vertical Fences

Wood offers limitless possibilities when it comes to style choices and a vertically aligned fence is still the #1 option when it comes to nailing the intersection of price, durability, & design. Classic single panel dog ear fences can be dressed up with options like adding a cap and trim, turning it into a neighbor friendly picture frame fence. For added privacy and a touch of texture ask your salesman about a board on board approach. Or for something truly unique there's shadowbox - a different take on the traditional privacy fence that offers a more 'open & airy' fence line. And any vertical fence can be accented with any number of topper options! 

Horizontal Fences

The fence that literally turned an industry on it's side, horizontal fences are here to stay. They're modern and chic and look absolutely stunning with any architectural style or decade - it's no wonder they're as popular as they are. Clean, uninterrupted lines and an orientation that draws focus to the natural beauty of the lumber without distracting from the space its defining, horizontal wood fences will elevate any space and actually make it appear larger in area than otherwise. Yes, they are more expensive due to their need for high grade lumber and labor intensive installation but it's easy to see that the investment is very much worth it.

semi-privacy (2)
Common Wood Fence Styles Include:
  • Standard vertical and horizontal privacy
    (dog ear and flat top)

  • Picture Frame - common decorative and elegant upgrade to classic wood fence, similar appearance from both sides, added material cost.

  • Board on Board - no gaps, added privacy, gives depth and texture, added material cost.

  • Split Rail - choice for ranching or minimalism. Ideal for large property and livestock control - classic 'western' aesthetic. Lacks privacy and security but are charming and very affordable, simple design means for quick and easy repairs.

  • Picket - provides iconic and traditional look, affordable, dog eared or gothic (pointed) pickets, used for charm and aesthetics over security or boundary protection.

  • Boards/Pickets : Redwood/Cedar 6" or 8" 

  • Rails: Redwood/Cedar 2x4 

  • Cedar and Redwood both naturally resist moisture, rot, and insects. Both are easy to stain/paint (absorbs all types of finishes very well) or will weather naturally nicely if left untreated - will fade to the classic steel-grey color over time in the San Diego sun. Moisture and humidity have little impact; these types of wood do not shrink or expand greatly and are resistant to warping or splitting.

  • 4'x4' Pressure Treated Douglas Fir - sturdy, durable, and cost effective.

  • Postmaster posts - galvanized steel, extremely strong and offers flex, ideal for high wind areas.  Easily covered or concealed giving a wood fence the benefit of a steel post while maintaining a consistent wood appearance.

  • Steel-Boxed Posts - (steel post hidden behind wood box)  combines the heavy duty strength of steel with the traditional aesthetics of wood