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Customer Preparation Checklist

Prep Existing Fence for Removal


Any existing fence set to be demolished and removed by Balboa must be completely cleared of all attached vegetation including vines, foliage, shrubbery, and overhanging branches


All other items including outdoor decor, trellis, pipes, etc must be disconnected and completely removed from fence. Any electrical conduit to be removed by a licensed electrician prior to Balboa crew arrival


Clear Fence Line for New Fence Install


At least 18 inches from either side of the fence line (where possible) must be clear of all objects including debris, plants, foliage, rocks/stones, decorative ground cover, etc.


All vegetation (ice plant, ivy, etc) needs to be cleared down to grade


Mark or flag any proposed fence line not already delineated by existing fence

Flag Utility & Irrigation Lines (gas, h2o, power, comm)


Balboa Fence is not responsible for damage to unmarked underground objects while installing fence (sprinkler lines, pipes, conduit, roots, etc)


If necessary, contact Dig Alert by calling 811 or

Inform Neighbors of Work to be Done on Shared Fence Lines


Resolve any property line issues or disputes prior to crew arrival (if necessary, contact a licensed private property surveyor)


Pet Control


All pets - including neighbors' - to be properly contained for duration of installation


Balboa does not provide temporary fencing (unless specified in original contract)

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